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Crucible of the Vampire

Isabelle, a young university researcher, is sent to a country manor house in rural Shropshire to verify an ancient artefact that a family has uncovered during the renovation of their home. However the artefact has a cursed history and it soon becomes apparent that the house holds a dark secret. While Isabelle sets to work verifying the object she becomes the obsession of the owner’s dangerous daughter, Scarlet, and they develop a strange sexual attraction. A chance finding of a 200 year old journal confirms Isabelle’s suspicions that the family are not the only residents of the house and that there is something much darker lurking within its foreboding walls. Uncovering the truth, she finds herself trapped in the clutches of the house’s malevolent occupants. She will be tested to her limits as she tries to escape from the Crucible of the Vampire, a story stretching from the English civil war to the present day. Crucible Of The Vampire is a slow burning modern day Gothic vampire thriller starring Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly, The Night Manager, Line of Duty), Katie Goldfinch (Lucid, Endeavour), Brian Croucher (Blake’s 7, We Still Steal The Old Way), and Larry Rew (Underworld, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar).