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Tess Ridge Talk - Children's experience of injustice

In 2020 we find ourselves in a world of austerity policies, rising child poverty, insecure work and family life, increasing debt and food banks.

Poverty effects children materially, socially and on a very deep personal level. Children are anxious about money, friendships and participation, family wellbeing and school inclusion.

Professor Tess Ridge has conducted ground-breaking research with children and young people living in poverty for over 20 years, including following children through childhood into their own adulthood lives. She talks about how austerity policies have disproportionately affected low-income children and their families leading to loss of financial support and unprecedented cuts in service provision. Tess helps us to understand the importance of listening to children’s own accounts of their experiences, needs and concerns, and the importance of recognising the significant economic and political context which governs and constrains much of their lives.

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